About Silvia (Sivani)

Life Experiences


My healing work is a Synthesis of the  various trainings, lectures, workshops and teachings, gathered, from the  inspiring teachers that crossed my path during the thirty five years spent at the Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA.

My Path


My name is Silvia Guersenzvaig (Sivani). I arrived to the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California  in 1982 . By then I had a BA in Psychology (1977) from Belgrano University, Buenos aires, and had a practice as a  profesional astrologer. During the next years  I became involved in Holotropic Breathing, the work of Dr Stanislav Grof, and had the gift of  being invited by him to be his assistant  in a couple of his month  longs.This experience changed my life, being in the presence of teachers like Anne Amstrong, Jack Kornfield, Ralph Metzner, Keneth Ring and Angeles Arrien among many others.  I was personally impressed by the teachings of Keneth Ring and his Near death research. So much so that is currently one of my burning passions. Many others shared their new discoveries those days, like holographic  imagery and It was truly an exciting time. Between dancing with Gabrielle Roth, attending Terence Mc Kenna's lectures and participating in Gestalt open seats with various masters like Dick Price, John Heider and Richard Olney, I became Alice in Wonderland !

Following those years, my heart led me to Continuum, movement meditation  the work of Emilie Conrad D'Aud and Susan Harper, which I taught in Buenos Aires at Cuerpo- Mente Institute between 1989-92. I was by then certified in Esalen® Massage, and later  became an International Esalen® Massage Teacher.

Entering 2004, I started my training in Transformational Kinesiology, the work of Grethe Fremming and Rolf Havsbol.   I am a certified bi-lingual practitioner and teacher of the system with the Polaris International College, Denmark. 

I am currently offering TK Certification groups in Spain since 2016 with the new translated manuals into Spanish. 

I recently co-founded a new company named "Sense to awaken®"  and co-created an online transformative group for women : "the Venus matrix®"

I hold a certification in Scar treatment  using state of the art  Bio- information light and tools,  from the Life Resonance Institute, Switzerland.

More recently,  a personal loss led me to IANDS, the International Association for Near Death Studies, and became a group leader of the organization and  participated as a panelist and speaker on the subject of survival of consciousness after death and after death communication in recent conferences.  I soon will start to facilitate online groups and webinars with ISGO. Grateful and blessed about my journey, I am looking forward to inspire and help as many people as I  possibly can.

The Wonders of Big Sur


This has been my home for the last 35 years. I must say, its been a refuge, my nest in a mountain top. Now the time has come to share the fruits of my experiences with the world at large.

Looking forward to sharing all with you !