Are you experiencing

Dissatisfaction in Life...

Anxieties of any kind..

Lack of Enthusiasm ..

Negativity and Low Self Esteem ..

Repetitive Reactive Patterns of Fear, Irritation and Worries..

Feeling overwhelmed with Shame, Blame or Guilt..

Unhealthy Habits hard to modify...

Unfinished Relationships that hold you back..

Lack of Focus or Direction in Life ..

Trauma due to Accident, Loss or Surgery ?  



I can help you

Clear and balance your system to achieve healthy boundaries for creating clear communication and healthy relationships.

Connect and live from your essential Self, free from what obscures the expression of your light and Being.

Achieve loving understanding over issues difficult to assimilate and let go.

Be in Inner Leadership by learning about your proprioceptors and gain clarity of direction over what you want in life. 

Create invocations that will attract and manifest your desired goals. 


..I am a Soul infused Personality living with Joy and Gratitude while giving form to my dreams..


My approach

Is a gentle inquiry to kindly reflect what your heart is longing for at this time.

To address unconscious negative beliefs and old decisions that have a hold on your current reality. 

To provide you with options for transforming what no longer serves you.

My tools: 

Transformational Kinesiology 


Astrology Readings

Near Death Counseling 

Life Resonance Scar Treatments


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