It is a rare treat..

to work with someone so gifted in assisting the navigation inward into the hidden unseen places that limit us. Thanks for being my copilot this weekend!  

Lily L. Esalen Institute. 

I just wanted to tell you 13,000 thank yous

for the gift you have shared with me!. You are gifted at what you do Sylvia and I am so grateful the universe conspired to direct me to you. 

Steve, Esalen Institute

Wanted to let you know..

about the work we did together. Truly, I feel very different , so much better! There are always reasons to continue evolving and seeing you..Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Veronica G.

I cannot express in words..

 how much I appreciate the time and energy you put towards my reading. It has already positively affected my thoughts, actions and overall disposition. Thank you. 

Tebereh M. Esalen Institute

I felt my expanded soul-energy...

in my physical body immediately, and within a couple of hours 50% of the pain held in my back muscles was released and has not come back. Silvia is a skilled practitioner, and I would highly recommend this modality. With gratitude, 

Susan G.  Big Sur 

What I noticed most...

since our last session is I feel more stable inside and more poised in relation to the world, more patient and capable of dealing with interpersonal challenges. My intuition seems deeper. I had amazing interactions with friends of pure joy. Following with our first session at Esalen, I am also free of coffee and blatant sugar and this is miraculous to me. I feel more peaceful and like I am flowing with life and enjoying being.Your sharing of yourself and TK is a gift that keeps blessing me greatly, Thank you! 

Steve MC. Esalen Institute